Assembly manufacturing industry refers to all kinds of manufacturing industries that provide equipment for production and expanded reproduction of various sectors of the national economy. It is the core part of machinery industry. It undertakes the important task of providing work foundations for all sectors of the national economy and driving the development of related industries. It can be treated as  core heart of industry and the lifeline of the national economy. It is also the base to support the comprehensive national strength.
          Equipment manufacturing industry, also known as equipment industry, generally to meet the needs of the development for various sectors of the national economy and national security. According to the classification of national economy industry, the product range includes investment manufactured products in machinery, electronics and weapons industry, which belongs to seven major industries: metal products industry, general equipment manufacturing industry, special equipment manufacturing industry, transportation equipment manufacturing industry, electrical machinery and equipment manufacturing industry, communication computer and other electronic equipment manufacturing industry, instrument and office supplies manufacturing industry, can be separate into 185 classes.
          The ranges can be concluded in 8 fields: (1) metal products industry ( Manufacturing of enamel and stainless steel and similar household metal products is excluded). (2) general equipment manufacturing industry (3) special equipment manufacturing industry (medical equipment not included) (4) transportation equipment manufacturing industry (motorcycle and bicycle manufacturing are not included) (5) electronic equipment manufacturing industry (Excluding batteries, household lighting and non-electric household equipment) (6) communication equipment & PC industry   (7) instrument and office supplies manufacturing industry (excluding eyewear ,culture and office equipment) (8) The upgrading & repair for equipment for metal products


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